Why should I select Mountain Dew Safaris for my Africa safari?
Apart from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, Mountain Dew Safaris would like to share with you the wonders of Africa . We know how overwhelming just the thought of a trip to Africa can be. At Mountain Dew Safaris we can provide outstanding service and advice about safari travel in East Africa. We will do it all so you can thoroughly enjoy your safari.
Why should I consider a trip to East Africa?
What should I consider in planning a trip to East Africa?
Do I need a Visa for travel to Kenya, Uganda and/or Tanzania?
When is the best time to visit Kenya?
Is it safe to travel to Kenya, Uganda and/or Tanzania?
Should I take Travel Insurance before traveling to Kenya?
What kind of accommodations can I expect in Kenya, Uganda and/or Tanzania?
What is the difference between a private safari and a group safari?
What is a typical day like while on Safari?